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Litter 5 - Week 3

The puppies are now little people in their own right. They wake up and look at me as I walk past, they growl at me or eachother, or at nothing as they find their voices. They mill about in the whelping box and go to the paper (most of the time!) to pee and poop. They are starting to lap now so I'm starting to introduce them to the idea that one day food will come in dishes rather than from mom.

I adore then at this stage. Well.... I adore them at any stage... but this stage is gorgeous. I love their little voices as they growl and play. They've started wrestling now and soon little skirmishes will break all over the place.

To have a peek at the pups click here. And here. And here. Just cant get enough of those little chubby kids!

Check below each week for updates and photos as the little artists grow.

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Dali is sold. Her new name is Nicol.

Matisse is sold. Her new name is Bella.

Vermeer is sold.

Montana and bubs.

Licking the yummy stuff off eachother.

This licking stuff is hard work!

A dirty job, but someone has to do it!

Vermeer crashes out after eating.

Hmmm... milk formula!

Now when I walk past 5 sets of little eyes watch me.

They sure look big suckling now..

Montana watches indulgently while the pups play.


Cezanne and Picasso battle it out.

Looks like Picasso is winning.

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