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Litter 5 - Week 4

Its amazing how fast they're growing now. Every day they get quicker on their feet. I'm woken up early growing and barking coming from the puppy pen as they wrestle and play. They're just gorgeous to watch. If I dont close the puppy pen gate carefully they escape and run around the dining room.

They are now eating a mix of solid food and milk supplement in a sloppy mix, plus still drinking from Montana.

They've had their first clip and are starting to look like poodles now!

Check below each week for updates and photos as the little artists grow.

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Dali is sold. Her new name is Nicol.

Picasso is sold.

Matisse is sold. Her new name is Bella.

Vermeer is sold.

Montana is stumped as to how to herd the kids back into the pen.

Yum. Sloppy food!.

Picasso and Matisse: Thats the way out...

Vermeer: I cant believe I ate the whole thing!

Dali: Wanna venture out or stay in here?

Picasso: Well if you're not going out I'll bite your butt!

Can I chew on that too?

Romulus and Remus.... kind of...

Let me in! I wanna play!

This basket is just not big enough.

Outside with Dad.


Ah puppy breath...

Ouch. This one has teeth!


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