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Litter 5 - Week 5

This week the puppies have had their first wash along with another clip. They got a tiny bit of scissoring too. they are now officially poodles! :)

They are spending more time outdoors now too. Sometimes out loose with the other dogs and sometimes in a daytime puppy pen I've set up out the front of the house. They're eating more solid food now and starting to gnaw on chicken wings and bones. They play, they fight, they scamper and jump.

They are still as adorable as ever and smell so gorgeous and new!

Check below each week for updates and photos as the little artists grow.

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Dali is sold. Her new name is Nicol.

Picasso is sold.

Matisse is sold. Her new name is Bella.

Vermeer is sold.

Cezanne does some exploring .

Dali sniffs around .

Picasso wants a tummy rub.

Matisse, posing on her side.

Vermeer in a still moment.

Out in the yard with daddy.

Can I play too?

Vermeer makes a break for it.

Outdoor dining.

Taking the opportunity for a drink. Wait... who's that...?

Crash, you don't belong here!

Grrr... I'm going to get you!

Matisse on the flower pots.

You can see movie clips of the pups on YouTube. Just click here to see all Pantone movies.

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