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Litter 5 - Week 6

The pups have had a huge week this week. They've had tons of visitors, even met some other dogs. They've been outside a whole lot more now. They discovered they can get under the porch and they love it under there. They're slowly destroying the plants on the porch as they play and its now dangerous to walk out the front - you get mobbed by puppies if they are out there!

Check below each week for updates and photos as the little artists grow.

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Dali is sold. Her new name is Nicol.

Picasso is sold.

Matisse is sold. Her new name is Bella.

Vermeer is sold.

What did they do to deserve prison?

Matisse watche me while others sleep.

The pups meet Klaus and his dogs Bella and Max.

Amanda holds Cezanne.

Vermeer with Denise.

Racheal with Dali.

Cezanne tries to fight off sleep.

Cezanne loses the battle...

Dali also gives in to sleep.

I can run with my daddy!

1, 2, 3, 4... there's one missing.

The boys show off a n ew olympic sport: puppy synchronized walking.

You can see movie clips of the pups on YouTube. Just click here to see all Pantone movies.

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