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Litter 5 - Week 8

This week has been the BIG one. Tracy (Bonnard's co-owner) has come down to look at the pups with me and we did a major grooming session and have been watching, living, breathing puppies! Ah... How great is that?

The weather has been awful so no sunshine to take the pups out in. Bummer.

Its also the week when the first two puppies are off to their new homes. Picasso packed his little bags and went off with Tracy and Matisse (now Bella) has gone to live with Mia in Melbourne. Its so sad to say goodbye, but knowing they will be loved and cared for is wonderful.

Then a couple of weeks later Merlin moved up to Queensland to be with his own family.

At least I still have Cezanne and Nicol here to cuddle.

To see photos of the puppies growing up visit their own pages:

Puppy Playtime for the pups still at home, Bella's Album and Merlin's Album. Picasso's page to come.

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Cezanne has picked me. He's staying right here and will go into the ring next year.

Dali will be going to Japan to be shown when she's a bit older. Her new name is Nicol.

Picasso is also going to be shown. He has won over Tracy's heart, Bonnard's other mom, and he's going to live by the beach with her two girls.

Matisse is now known as Bella and is living in Victoria with her new mom, Mia, and two gorgeous young girls.

Vermeer's new name is Merlin. He'll be owning Virginia and helping her teach other dogs how to behave properly in Queensland.

Dali and Picasso rest on the porch.

A bath full of wet puppies!

Lemme out!!!!

Dali grips on for dear life.

See? Pretty Dali!

Matisse tries to grip her way out.

Cezanne and Vermeer peer out.

Matisse gets fluffed up.

Cezanne. Last left in the bath.

Three fluffy puppies rest.

Now this is how you get dirty again!

Cezanne wants that ball.

Hey, you, give me that ball!

Puppies spilling out of crates everywhere!

Dali... does that really feel comfy?

Cezanne and Vermeer flake out.

Vermeer takes a nap.

Whaaat? I was sleeping!

Hey, leave him! Look at me!

Matisse and Picasso in the car on the way to the airport.

So this is how good puppies walk...

Then again, we can go around and wrap her in the leads...

One last look before we go.


You can see movie clips of the pups on YouTube. Just click here to see all Pantone movies.

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