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Poodle Art

Being an artist and a lover of poodles, it seems inevitable that poodles would become the focus of my artwork. I paint in pastel, charcoal, acrylic, watercolour or acrylic.

I do portraits on commission or sell 'ready made' paintings from my gallery. Visit my gallery to see examples of my work and to view my poodle portraits. Please feel free to contact me with any questions on availability of works or to commission a portrait of the special poodle in your life.

My other art related projects include books, Tshirts and other items with my work printed on them. These can be purchased through my CafePress shop or the Poodle Room Shop.

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"I have never seen any other artist capture the soul of the Poodle the way that Zefi does. While most Poodle Art is filled with silly, shapeless creatures randomly dotted with poofs... Zefi's paintings capture the nobility, innate dignity, fun-loving personality, intelligence, and sheer beauty of the Poodle. Whether she is painting a Standard Poodle in full Show Coat awaiting her turn in the ring, or capturing the mischievious glint in the eyes of a Toy Poodle.... she paints the REAL Poodle. The Poodle that makes us all fall in love with the breed. I look at her paintings and I see all the Poodles that I have been blessed to have share my life. I will never live without a Poodle in my life. If anyone would like to know why, all they have to do is take a look at Zefi's unique Poodle paintings. Zefi, thank you for showing the world why we love our Poodle friends so deeply."

Helen Zapata
Artist, and "Mom" to two Standard Poodles

Above: Original works in pastel.

Left: Montana as the Glamour Girl. Original pastel art card set .

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