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Basic Poodle Care

Before you consider a poodle

Its very important if you are considering adding a poodle of any size to your life, that you realise they are not dogs that you can put in the back yard till you have the time for them. They are very much part of the family and need to be around their people in order to be happy.

If you are after a low-maintenance dog who is happy to take the small scraps of attention you can spare, if you are not willing to spend the time or the money to have it groomed regularly, then don't get a poodle... get a short coated, tougher breed that won't mind being kept out of the house and only washed twice a year. Poodles are very proud dogs who love to look their best.

I believe a standard poodle is the ideal dog, but it is not the right dog for everyone. They are intelligent, learn fast and they're always one step ahead of you. They love obedience (with positive reinforcement) and are very active dogs. They are easily bored of repetition and are very inventive in finding ways around what you asked them to do. They're a high maintenance breed but worth every minute!

Once you've owned and loved a poodle you will know why we say 'anything else is just a dog'!

Poodles need regular grooming

Poodle coats don't shed and never stop growing. As a result poodles need to be brushed often and clipped regularly to maintain hygiene and health. Poodles need to have their face, feet and tails clipped approximately once a month (or more if you like clean faces). Most people like to wash their poodles once a week or every two weeks. Lets face it, there's nothing like the feel and smell of a clean poodle!

Its very important that your poodle get used to regular grooming as its something it'll need to have done all its life. If you decide that a poodle is the breed for you, you have to be willing to work with your poodle to make grooming a pleasurable experience for both of you. Handling and brushing is something you'll need do often while your pup is young.

A poodle in pet trim is not much harder to maintain than any other breed - and in fact living with a poodle is a whole lot easier than with a long coated shedding breed. You may have to clip more often but the amount of brushing is the same - and with a poodle you never have to worry about dog hair all over your clothes, your furniture and your floors!

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