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Romeo (the puppy formerly known as Cezanne)
Pantone Paint The Town

D.O.B. 01.10.09
Sire: Pantone Limited Edition (AI)
Dam: Ch Pantone Talk Of The Town


Cezanne has had a name change! He is now known as Romeo cause he's just so gorgeous and such a lover boy! Romeo is one of the newest puppies at Pantone, sired by Bonnard out of Montana. Unlike his brother Picasso and his sister Nicol, Romeo will not have a career in showing. He has already started a career in therapy work.

Romeo is a born therapy dog. He has the lovely, calm nature that is ideal for a dog who spends time with people with intellectual disabilities. He loves the attention and his presence and lush coat brings smiles to even the remotest of people. We are both finding this a much more rewarding way to spend time together than in the show ring.

Click here to see photos of this litter and here to see photos of Romeo growing up.

7.5 months old at obedience training.

All hot and puffed from playing.

I'm really a lapdog!

Romeo and Sammy at the dog park.


Grrr! Poodle attack!

Cezanne 15 weeks.

Brother and sister.

Sticking together!

Cezanne, 12 weeks old.

11 weeks old.


8 weeks old.

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