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The Continental

Easy to follow steps

The Continental is one of the most popular show trims around. Its not a trim most pet owners like to keep their dogs in, but sometimes people like to keep pets in a modified continental. That means the trim is shorter all over with a scissored topknot and less neck coat making it easier to maintain. Its known as the Historically Correct Continental and is a practical trim for working poodles.

As I said before, I dont consider myself an expert, but these are things I picked up from watching some very talented groomers at work and hints they've given me through the years. I hope I am able to help you do a better, more balanced continental on your dog.

Step 1

The first pic is a photo of a young standard poodle growing a showcoat. Here the lines of the trim have been roughed in with clippers and some scissoring. Stepping back or taking photos at this stage is a good idea so you can see what needs adjusting. There isn't enough neck coat yet, but looking at the photo you can see there are other areas that need fixing as well.

Step 2

A lot needs to be taken off the front for one thing, to round up the bottom of her chest and stop her from looking flat chested and like she has no neck. Next I needed to bring the mane forward quite a bit to stop her from looking long in back. This instantly created a longer looking neck coat as well as creating a longer looking mane coat. Lastly I needed to bring forward her rosettes and tidy up her bracelets. Of course she also needs to grow a lot more coat before she can be shown. By the time she has enough coat to show the trim will be in balance.

Step 3

A few months later, with a little more coat I repeat the exercise and take another look at the trim. She now has more coat but it needs to be tailored closer to give her the right shape. Its always a good idea to do this at least a week before a show.

Step 4

Using Photoshop I've created a 'finished look' doing what I would then do with the scissors. This helps me visualize the look I want to achieve.

Step 5

Last a photo taken at a show. Not quite as much neck coat as in the 'ideal' but well on the way to a full coated look.


2nd Puppy Trim

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