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Welcome to Pantone Poodles

My obsession with poodles started when I was 13 after reading Every Night Josephine by Jacqueline Suzanne. I wanted a toy poodle more than anything and got my first, Timmy, when I was 18yrs old. I have been showing and breeding poodles for approximately 10 years.

My passion for standard poodles started after I joined Poodle-L, a mail list for poodle lovers. On that list I met some wonderful people who will be my friends for life. One of those friends, Debbie from Pennsylvania, warned me... she said that toys are wonderful, but standards are something else entirely. She said that once you've had a standard poodle you could never be without one... And she's right. There's nothing like a standard poodle!

About Us

Pantone Poodles is a home, not a kennel. Poodles are my family, live in the house and are spoilt pets first and foremost.

We live on 90 acres in the Derwent Valley of Tasmania near New Norfolk. Our property is mainly native bush but the house is surrounded by paddocks, a creek and a dam. Our poodles share their home with Wally the horse, Barney (a mixed breed) and Mischa (a staffie), chickens, ducks and the wallabies, kookaburras, cockatoos and other native animals that visit.

I am dedicated to the wellbeing of the poodle breed. I am do not breed often and breeding a litter is taken very seriously and done with the aim of producing a puppy to keep and show, as well as the desire to produce happy, healthy, well adjusted puppies who will give years of happiness to their new families.

My dogs are all tested and selecting a stud dog is done with the same care and attention to health. Test results and extended pedigrees are available on request. You can find out more about genetic diseases of the poodle on the Versatility in Poodles website.

Zefi Famelis
mobile 0425 760 588 email zefi@zefiart.com

Pagan and her daughter Montana run rampant through the yard in a game of chase.

Just cause a dog is a show dog doesn't mean it can't be a dog! ...Of course sometimes that means a LOT more work!

To see photos of our home and the area in which we live click here.

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