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Poodle Info

Why a poodle?

Most people buy poodles because they are attractive and smart. They don't have a doggie odour. They don't shed and they have a wool type of coat that is hypoallergenic.

Poodles don't shed like most dogs which means you never have to worry about matching the colour of your clothes to your dog to hide the hair. It also means they can live in the house without you needing to vacuum daily.

The downside to their thick woolly coats is that they can matt so its very important to brush them regularly. Poodle coats also grow continuously without falling out so they need to clipped regularly. This means learning to groom or being able to afford to pay a professional to do it for you.

Poodles don't have a doggie odour, its true, but they won't smell so good if you don't wash them!

The Rolls Royce of Dog Breeds

Once you've owned a poodle you'll know that the regular grooming is a small price to pay in order to share your life with such a wonderful companion. They are unlike any other dog you have ever known.

Poodles are incredibly versatile dogs. There are poodles who are much loved companions, therapy dogs, guide dogs, service dogs, hunting and tracking dogs, agility dogs, obedience dogs... you name it, there's probably a poodle somewhere doing it! Have a look Versatility in Poodles to see the multiple talents of poodles.

Poodles are hunting dogs, one of the original 'water dogs' breeds. For information about their history go to the Poodle History Project. You'll see why it is that show dogs today are shown in those 'poofy hairdos' and how they originated in the days when poodles needed to dive into cold lakes to retrieve birds.

One of the nicest things about poodles is that you can change their haircut as often as you like: short and sporty for summer, fancier or longer for winter. In fact you can have a 'new' dog every few months! The show trims aren't for everyone, but they are a requirement for the show ring and they are based on the original purpose of the breed.

At Pantone Poodles I like to keep my dogs in show coat whenever I can because I love the glamour of a poodle in full coat. That doesn't mean they don't get to live life like 'regular dogs'. Far from it - they run in the yard, play in mud, pick up grass seeds or go to the beach just like any other dog. No one lives in a kennel or a crate here. It means more work for me, but keeping them in coat is my choice and I take responsibility for its maintenance.

Still unsure?

Whats in a Doodle?

Where does that puppy come from?


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