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Poodle breeder links

Magicalia Poodles

Picardy Poodles

Kameran Poodles

Tasseltop Standards

Kirada Lodge Poodles

Minivale Miniature Poodles

Czamac Poodles

Toniri Toy Poodles

Louter Hunting Poodles

Aircastle Standard Poodles

Real Standard Poodles - South France

Poodle information links

Diversity in Poodles

Versatility in Poodles

Poodles in Australia

The Standard Poodle Club UK

Dog information links

Dogz Online For dogs in Australia

The Victorian Canine Association

The Tasmanian Canine Association

Health links

My Dog Swallowed Something Sharp

Eddie's Story - Addisons Disease

Diet links

BARF for raw diet info

Greenpet for natural supplements

Shopping links

Black Dog for great leads and collars

Poodle Supply

Pet Network

C Crates

Plush Puppy shampoos and coat care

Bling Showleads for special leads!

The Clipperman for clippers and blade sharpening

Fun poodle related links

The Poodle Room - Where the poodle are - forum and chat

The Poodle Room Shop - for art and Tshirts

zefiart - for pet portraits

Poodle Lane - Gateway to poodle products and sites

Poodle Vision - Looking at the world through a poodle's eyes

Capricious Poodles - The original poodle sock dolls

Scooter and the Big Bad Cows - The adventures of Scooter the toy poodle

zefiart shop - CafePress shop with poodle art



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