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Litter 1 - Pagan and Archie

Born 16.11.04
Sire: Ch Picardy Man In A Million
Dam: Ch Aultone I Am Bewitching

On November 6, 2004 Pagan gave birth to her first litter sired by Archie She had 3 boys and 3 girls and all puppies were healthy, lively and gorgeous.

I learned a lot from my first litter. I learned what a huge responsibility bringing a litter into the world was...

I had already spent 2 years studying pedigrees and trying to find the right match for Pagan to ensure an even, overall good quality litter. I spent a lot of money on health testing Pagan to make sure she was breeding quality. I demanded that the stud I used have the same care in his lines and equivalent testing and was willing to travel in order to use him.

I built a whelping box, I read books on raising healthy litters and I had the advice and help of experienced breeders behind me.

None of that prepared me for the reality of having a litter. It was hard work and at times very scary. The puppies were whelped in my bedroom, I helped deliver them myself with a friend lending the necessary extra pair of hands and an experienced breeder on the phone in case there was an emergency we didn't know how to cope with.

After that I hardly had a full night's sleep for weeks, getting up at every sound coming from the pups, checking on them, making sure they got enough to eat, weighing them, checking them over, grooming them, toilet training them, making sure they were raised and socialized to ensure they got the best start in life. Not to mention monitoring mom to make sure she was eating well, was producing enough milk, showed no signs of eclampsia or mastitis, no signs of a uterine infection, that she was feeding them and caring for them well enough given it was her first litter.

Then I had to find the perfect homes for them so I could bear to part with them.

I adore my puppies. They were as much my babies as they were Pagan's. I was blessed to find wonderful homes for them.

Unfortunately I learned something else during the experience. That you cannot always be trusting because there are people out there who do not care about you, the breed or the welfare of the pup they buy. They will lie to get their hands on a puppy just so they can breed unregistered and untested dogs for a bit of extra money. Its sad that I had to learn this the hard way but I was lucky. I was able to get my puppy back and find her the right home.

Archie headshot

Archie Best In Show

Pagan with her big tummy .

Boston, now called Giles, lives with Randal in Melbourne.

Denver, renamed Zac, lived with Glenn and Gloria in Hawaii and died young in a tragic car accident.

Hudson, now Jester, lives in Sydney with Dave, Najwa and their children.

The boys:


Memphis, now Tammy, lives with Margaret in country Victoria.

Montana rules the roost at Pantone Poodles.

Dallas kept her name and shares her life with Nicole, James and their children plus her brother Bosun.

The girls



You can see more photos of the pups grown up and in their new homes in our photo albums.

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