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Litter 2 - Pagan and Apache

Born 26.08.06
Sire: Ch Picardy Song Of The Night
Dam: Ch Aultone I Am Bewitching

Apache at a show.

Apache and his mom June.

Pagan expecting her second litter.

Cheyenne, now Layla, living in Queensland with Coralie.

Chinook, now Meika, living in Queensland with Brett and Nikki .

Comanche, now Bosun, living with Nicole, James, their kids and Dallas in Melbourne.


Lakota, now Zefi Munchkin, living locally in Gretna with Deb and Doug and the other sp girls.

Maya who lives in Canberra with her new family.

Navajo, living in Hobart with Chris and his family.




You can see more photos of the pups grown up and in their new homes in our photo albums.

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