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Litter 5 - Montana and Bonnard - The Art Litter

Born: 1.10.09
Sire: Pantone Limited Edition
Dam: Ch Pantone Talk O The Town

Montana and Bonnard are proud to announce the birth of their little artist community. As expected from such an creative litter, these puppies have been born in all shades of white and cream. A palette full of colour!

These pups have a COI of 14%.

Below you can look at photos of the pups from day 1 to week 8. After that you can watch their progress on their own pages if you visit our photo albums.

You can see movie clips of the pups on YouTube. Just click here to see all Pantone movies.

Week 1Week 2Week 3Week 4Week 5Week 6Week 7Week 8


Cezanne was the first born..

Cezanne having his first drink.

Cezanne and a very green Dali.

Montana cleans up a mustard coloured Picasso.

Four colourful pups line up at the milk bar.

Montana and her brood.

A pile of puppies.

Sporting new beaded collars now.

Cezanne - gold, Dali - pink, Picasso - lime, Matisse - blue/green, Vermeer - thin blue.

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