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News at Pantone Poodles

April 2011 : Goodbye my angel... Billy has gone to the bridge where he can have his glorious coat back and play without pain.

January 2011 : We are moving! The ratbags will soon have a new home on a farm in the Derwent Valley. We have signed contracts and have finance in place and its full steam ahead to a new phase in our lives.

December 2010 : Picasso has gone to join his new family in Brisbane, sharing a home with his 'cousin' Gus.

August 2010: Back home and settling back into the normal routines.

July 2010: A month of sun and sea on Paros and Santorini in Greece. Visiting family and enjoying the greek summer. Its a hard life!

June 2010: While on holidays in Holland I visited Yvonne at Standing Strong Poodles and met her lovely dogs... and fell madly in love with her Bob.

May 2010: Romeo has a new career as therapy dog at Cosmos, working with me in my job as disability support worker.

March 22, 2010: Nicol leaves for Japan where she will be living with Sayuri and her family.

April 2010: New photo album for gorgeous Gus.

December 13, 2009: For his birthday this year, Bonnard got a new home. He is now living with Geoff and Rita on the beach in South Australia.

December 1, 2009: Picasso and Matisse have gone to their new homes. Its sad to say goodbye to anyone, but you know its for the best as they are going to great homes where they will be loved and cared for.

October 29 , 2009: The puppies get their first clip... Now its a litter box of POODLES! Look at week 4 pics .

October 23 , 2009: Bonnard is State Bred in Group at the Hobart Royal. Unfortunately due to illness he wasn't able to go back and compete for General Specials the next day.

October 14 , 2009: Crash Craddock arrives from Melbourne to stay a while.

October 1 , 2009: Montana's puppies have arrived. Five lovely white & cream pups. To meet them visit Litter 5.

August 1 , 2009: Montana has an ultrasound and its confirmed, she's pregnant! For more information on this litter check Litter 5.

May 21 , 2009: Bonnard has and accident. He went through a glass door and needed dozens of stitches on his front left leg.

May 29 , 2009: Astra goes to Queensland, to live with her brother Zeus and his new family.

May 3 , 2009: Bonnard goes Open in Group at the Combined Breeds Dog Club of Tas Championship Show under Judge Miss B. Watt (Vic).

April 9 , 2009: Astra comes to join us!

March 22, 2009: Bonnard goes Runner Up In Group at the Working Dog Club Championship Show under Judge Mrs J. Dickinson-Franks (NSW).

February 11, 2009: Our girl Meika has given birth to nine healthy black and white puppies. You can see photos and updates on the pups on the Litter 4 page.

Picasso and Gus, now brothers.

In Holland with poodle friends.

Crash, back home in Victoria.




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