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Pantone First Impressions

D.O.B. 01.10.09
Sire: Pantone Limited Edition (AI)
Dam: Ch Pantone Talk Of The Town


Nicol is one of the newest puppies at Pantone, sired by Bonnard out of Montana. All the puppies in this litter were extraordinary and we hope that the three chosen for show careers do well in the future.

Nicol is now living in Japan with Sayuri and her family where she will be shown. Good luck Sayuri and Nicol.

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Nicol 5.5 months old.

Nicol the day before leaving for Japan.

Relaxing in her new home.

Nicol at home in Japan.

Nicol 5.5 months old playing with an apple she got off the tree in the yard.

Nicol, 4 months old.

Nicol 15 weeks.

Nicol and Cezanne.

Joined at the hip!

Nicol 11 weeks.

11 weeks old.

8 weeks old.

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