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Ch Aultone I Am Bewitching

01.01.01 - 11.05.10
Sire: Ch Marechal Strictly Ballroom
Dam: Ch Aultone Midnight n Jamaka


Pagan was my first standard poodle and my second champion. She was a great mother and producer and was the foundation of Pantone Poodles. Pagan lived with me till she was 7 years old, then met Louise and ran off to live with her in Newcastle where she went to work with her every day and became a well known personality around town.

Pagan was my first big dog and taught me a lot about big poodles, big dogs, what to do and what not to do, and all about running a large dog in the ring. She was to blame for my addiction to standard poodles, with their beauty and their intelligence.

She was a loving girl and a pleasure to live with. Her incredible love, her smile, her mischief, her gentleness with children and her visits to nursing homes enriched many lives.

Pagan was titled easily in a short career. She won multiple Class in Groups, Runner Up in Group awards and Best of Breeds, then retired from the ring having passed on her movement and beauty to her offspring.

Pagan sadly died of cancer at the age of 9.5 years. She will be missed by so many people.

Test Results:
PRA Clear 03.04.02, 04.03.03, 08.02.05, 23.08.06
Australian Hip/Elbow Grade: Hips 5 (3/2), Elbows 0/0
PennHip Evaluation: 0.30/0.30 (top 10% for breed)
vWD: Clear
Blood panels for thyroid and adrenal functions normal
SA: Clear 03.10.03, Clear 24.05.06

Left: Pagan with the kids at Westerway Primary School

Kick it mom!

Left: Pagan before and after being cut off

Above and left : Pagan visiting the residents of Corumbene Nursing home

Pagan with Jai.

A boy's best friend.

Hugs and kisses.

Left: During her show career.

Below: with a friend and feeling broody.

Pagan feeling broody.

Pagan at the window keeping guard.

Left: Pagan and the cast of Kath and Kim

Pagan at 6mths old.

Left: Pagan at 8 weeks old, when she was the same size as the toy boys.

To see more photos of Pagan and the whole poodle family, visit our photo albums.

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