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Pantone Photo Gallery


Montana Growing up as a Show Girl

Montana Lounging Around

Montana's New Look

Montana Fun pics


Bonnard Growing up as a Show Boy

More Of Bonnard

Bonnard in his New Home


Romeo Growing up



Beautiful Tasmania

Derwent Valley


Our Puppies Grown Up

Dallas' photo album

Giles' Album

Jester's Album

Tammy's Album

Zac's Album

Dallas and Bosun's Album

Bosun's Album

Navajo's Album

Litter 4 in New Homes

Astra Puppy Photos

Astra and Zeus

Bella's Album

Merlin's Album

Meika and Marlie

Gus and Picasso

Nicol Growing Up


The girls at home

In the Snow

Montana in fluoro socks and Billy

Montana, Pagan, Moglie and Ronnie

Bonnard and Huon

Montana and Bonnard

Puppy Playtime - Litter 5

Christmas 2009

Romeo and friends




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