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Litter 4 in their new homes

Machk with his own family.

Machk resting after some hard play.

Machk with his own cat.

Juno in her new home.

Juno in her new yard.

Juno with a freshly clipped face.

Zeus, growing like a weed.

Zeus, waiting for Astra to arrive.

Mommy's boy.

Remy (Pegasus) shows off his furry face.

Remy - a born retriever!

Bath? I dont need a bath!

Maybe if I sit quietly she'll forget the whole bath thing...

Remy with his teddy bear.

Yum. Nice treats. Can I have another?

Yin and Yang puppies...

Astra and Zeus ...how peaceful!

Juno, her first big girl haircut at 6 months.

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