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Derwent Valley Photo Album - Beautiful Tasmania

The view down our road in autumn.

The Derwent River as it winds towards Bushy Park.


The valley at Plenty.



The Derwent River at New Norfolk.

The path along the river at New Norfolk.

Valley views in summer.

Bull rushes in the dam.

The old hop kiln at Westerway.

Another hop kiln at Westerway in summer.

Lupins in bloom at Hamlet Downs Bed and Breakfast.

Pickers huts in Fentonbury in winter.

A foggy winter morning in Westerway.

The hop kiln in Westerway under a bright blue sky.

The old hop kiln in Ellendale, finally blown down by the wind in 2008.

Old shed in Ellendale .

Ellendale, hop kiln in fog.

Ellendale, shed in the frost.

A hop kiln in Hayes.

Old hop kiln in New Norfolk.

Gum trees against the sky..


A kurrawong at Lake Dobson.

Horseshoe Falls in Mt Field National Park.

Bull rushes in Bushy Park.

The empty hop fields at Bushy Park.

The view beyond Bushy Park.

The remains of an old dock.


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