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Bonnard's Photo Album - Growing up as a show boy

Pagan with her only pup.

Bonnard as a newborn.

Getting chubbier with sole ownership of the milk bar.

Getting so fat I didn't think he'd ever walk!

Cute little chubby.

Now thats a dopey look!

See mom? I CAN stand!

Oh man... got me peeing!

Ugh. Stacking practice...

Yep... handsome head.

Wait for me mom!!!

I feel so small...

Push up... one... two... three...

Lick that plate clean!

Did I miss any bits...?

Back on the table...

Does this ever end?

Its a long way down out of here...

Surrounded by women!

I can do this in my sleep now.

Yeah, pat me, pat me!

Mom said I look really good.

At my first ever show.

This is how meerkats look for danger!

I'm wearing big boy bands now.

And growing hair like crazy.

Always smiling.

Oh man... bathtime again...

This woman never lets me be.

Starting to look like a grown up now.

Launceston, Best of Breed.

Runner up in Group!

On the way home from a show.

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