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Astra and Zeus - The A to Z of poodles!

Beach bums

It pays to look in both directions.

I dug that hole!

Poodle prints in the sand.

I was sure it was for me...

Gotta love a good butt-scritch.



A bath ? Moi? Surely you jest...

Still doing the yin and yang thing.


Astra helps with the dishes...

Zeus thinks its his turn...

Mom... we want to help with the dishes!

No! I'm helping her!

Astra and Zeus playing together.

Tired puppies, worn out from playing hard.

Astra and Zeus, 6 months old.

Zeus and Astra make friends.

Try slipping a credit card between these two!

Astra gets a treat. Zeus wants to know where his is...

What more ideal way to travel than in a red convertible?

Yin and Yang puppies.

Who's mommy's girl?

Yes, Zeus doesnt miss out!

Even a door cant separate Yin and Yang.

Playing with flying mini poodles.

You can see a movie of Zeus here and one of Astra here.

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