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Puppy Playtime

Nicol and Romeo wearing training bands!

Nicol self stacks.

Nicol meets Zefi Munchkin at the river in Bushy Park.

Zefi Munchkin - the original water dog!

Zefi stands proud.

Nicol stands... filthy!

Nicol, dirty and wet after her swim in the Styx River.

Chewie (Chewbaca The Wookie) waiting for the ball.


Below, everyone chasing the ball.

Puppies at a show for the first time.


Oh man! In prison again!

Tired Crash?

If I tried sleeping like that I'd never be able to walk again...

What??? We played with the sprinkler!

We are NOT filthy! And we smell NICE!

Nicol flat out.

Closer up!

Now creeping up on Cezanne...

You woke me for this?

Crash, a little worse for wear after playing with the pups.

Two puppies in a tub.

Let us out!


Cezanne under my computer chair .

Cezanne and Crash rest in the sandpit..

Billy and Nicol in the basket.

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