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Gus' Photo Album

Picasso and Gus, making themselves at home on the couch.

Feeling a little hemmed in?

Hard to see a black poodle on a black couch.

Enjoy that meal with so many hopeful poodles waiting for a taste!

Picasso (the one with the partly clipped ears) joins Gus and his family and the two brothers are loving it as you can see by the photos.

The boys enjoy hours of playing and resting.

Gus's first Christmas with his mom Meika and his sister Marly.

At home with Mitsy.


Gus's first birthday.

This is my bed!

But I can sleep on the chair outside if I want.

Bathtime again....


Such a beautiful little man.

Ok... fuzzy face...

Hard to believe I was that small!

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