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Pantone Anything You Can Do

D.O.B. 01.10.09
Sire: Pantone Limited Edition (AI)
Dam: Ch Pantone Talk Of The Town


Picasso is one of the puppies kept to show from the litter sired by Bonnard out of Montana. All the puppies in this litter were extraordinary and we hoped that the Picasso would have a great show career ahead of him..

He's a gorgeous boy, but as he grew his long tail curled over too much so we decided he wasn't quite the show dog we were looking for. So Picasso has gone to join his new family in Brisbane, sharing a home with his 'cousin' Gus. I am thrilled that Brett's family have taken Picasso into their fold. Laura discovered what all us poodle owners know, that one standard is not enough, and when we decided that Picasso wouldn't be shown, she stepped up and adopted him. He now lives with Laura and shares the love with Gus and Misty, a miniature poodle. They often get to see and play with Meika and Gus' sister Marly.

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Picasso 8 weeks old.

Picasso 4 months old.

Picasso 3 months old.

Picasso 10 weeks old.

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