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Parisvale Scooter

15.04.99 - 05.06.10
Sire: Sylcrest Black Jade
Dam: Calpurnia Gemma

I had wanted to get another poodle so badly after leaving Timmy with my parents in Greece to come live in Australia. I'd waited for years, all through art school, share houses and moving around. Then one day I bought my own home and was finally ready. I was so eager I actually bought Scooter before I took possession of my house and had to keep him hidden in a flat for 2 weeks!

I showed Scooter for the first year of his life but he really didn't enjoy it. So I cut him off and just had fun doing cute pet trims on him while I showed Billy.

Scooter went to live with Noelle and Peter where he ruled the household and was the joy of their lives till Peter passed away. He went everywhere with them and charmed everyone he met, he was a well known personality in the neighbourhood.



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