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The place we call home

Our home is in not far from New Norfolk, about half an hour's drive from Hobart. We get the best of the beautiful Derwent Valley in our very green part of Tasmania, close to the Derwent River. This whole part of the Derwent Valley was once a huge hop growing area. There are many old hop kilns slowly falling into ruin from disuse around the countryside. Now the only hops grown around here is in Bushy Park.

There are wonderful places to visit in the area. New Norfolk has many coffee shops and antique shops to browse through. We are not far from Mt Field National Park with its many walks and falls, the Styx Valley, the Tyenna River, the Florentine Valley and Something Wild Nature Reserve.

It really is a beautiful place to live. Below are some photos of our home and area. You can see more photos in our photo albums.

Right and below: The view from our home and Montana and Mischa enjoy the sun.

Left to right: Russell Falls, Lady Barron Falls in Mt Field National Park and The Styx River.

Left to right:
Two devils having a rest at Something Wild, two of the resident koalas and a friendly echidna who passes through our yard every summer.

Left to right:
The Derwent River and the hop fields at Bushy Park.

See more photos of the Derwent Valley here.

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